April Showers bring Snow Plowers

I totally took that from my daughter! Yesterday was almost 80, today we are expecting a blizzard!

This reminds me of my life lately-up and then down, happy then sad, hot and then cold. Or…..now that I think about it, isn’t that just life? I mean I’m not turning on a dime or doing a Jekyll and Hyde. I guess I’m just flowing like the waves on a beach, changing like the weather. Alright, good! I’m ok, you’re ok.

So it’s been over 3 weeks since I’ve quit alcohol and it’s my second week of the Whole30. I’ve been 100% booze free (unless you count the Kombucha which has a scant trace) Full disclosure, I haven’t been 100% with the Whole30, more like 98%. I’ve had a few scant amounts of sugar (The Kombucha isn’t on plan- is has sugar- but I needed digestive aide), I’ve used the dressing and little tortilla strips in the pre-packaged salads. I feel like I’m giving it a solid, respectable effort- but it’s not the perfection that is called for in the protocol.

That being said, I still feel like a million bucks physically! I did weigh myself (that’s a no-no too) and was down 5 pounds. I don’t really have cravings or get too hungry, just a few temptations here and there. No fatigue which I often battled daily. My hair looks so much more healthy and full of body. I am less depressed and anxious.

Not turning to alcohol for every little thing has been amazing. I am more productive! I am proud of myself! I have been hiding a bit at home, partly because of the crutches (yep, had to get that in-damn things) so it’s made it a bit easier. But I’m also not having a ton of fun. I’m a social person and will get out there more soon, however I feel like withdrawing a bit for reflection has been a positive mindful experience, even though it feels quite awkward. (See what I did there….awkward mindfulness)

What are you going through lately that reminds you of changing weather? Or makes you feel like you are being clumsy with a purpose? Inquiring minds want to know!

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