Successful spring weekend!

I didn’t drink, I stuck to the Whole30, and I got out in the Spring Sun!


I was sooooooo tempted to go off plan. I went to a brewery (love my patio time.) Had my seltzer while my hubby had a couple beers. The smell of hops was strong, but it wasn’t too bad to stay away. I enjoyed time more than usual, because I was present. I was observing, feeling, soaking it all in.

The off to another brewery to meet family. I couldn’t eat or drink anything there. That was a bit more challenging, but again not terrible.

The hardest time I had was avoiding a bag of delicious chips from Trader Joe’s. I had some before I started the Whole30 and they were incredible, limey tartness with a hit of spicy chipotle. I was so, so close to just have a couple. But NO! I prevailed! I am a super hero!!!!

I watched family and friends enjoy pickle ball in the park (I’m sidelined due to the crutches-ugh-whine, whine.) Beautiful Spring day. I brought my coffee, water and Naked Mighty Mango and had no care about the beers in the cooler.

After all I am headache free, fatigue free, and feeling pretty groovy. So where’s the motivation to do anything differently?

I’m going to go without the daily strategy for a few days and see how that feels. I have an overall strategy that seems to be working.

  • Stick to Whole30
  • Plan meals and snacks
  • Be present, observe, feel

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