The grass IS greener

Seriously, spring is here and all of a sudden the grass is green! I love seeing it!

I also feel greener, more like alive compared to yesterday. I started out feeling so down. Faked it, until I did Make it.

Interestingly, feeling good made me want to celebrate. Beers on the patio somewhere! I didn’t but I was on the edge- the biggest draw I’ve had to drink since I gave it up.

I was going to try a patio this afternoon (with a water) but it’s looks like it might rain. So we’ll see.

Today’s strategy

I’ve lost a few pounds not drinking. When drinking I often got a bit puffy in the morning-not a good look.

  • Get out for a bit for a bite to eat
  • Relax
  • Be ok with being boring right now.

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