It feels like Spring, but no Patio Beers?

I love patio time and it usually starts with beers. I’m not craving beer in itself, but the activity of the patio time. So now what will I occupy my time with on the patio? Food truck food? Bring my own tasty non alcoholic beverage. Drink water. Well, why not? Totally doable. I now I won’t need a nap afterwards, and greasy food to soak up the booze.

I’m not in the best of moods lately, but’s not because I’m not drinking. It’s because moods come and go. It’s because I’m still on theses stupid crutches and stuck sitting around. I used to improve my mood with drinks, which did usually do the trick while I was drinking but ended up with me going to bed super early and causing delayed anxiety for the feelings I didn’t let come out. I’m glad to to have that roller coaster.

I have noticed less headaches and less fatigue which is awesome.

Today’s strategy

Appreciate the mundane that will endure from lack of short lived alcohol altering affects. Remember the consequences of drinking away boredom!

  • Get herbal tea for tasty patio iced tea
  • Allow myself to be mundane, bored, unexcited
  • Make a nice dinner

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