Daily grind

I’m not drinking. I’m not so thrilled about work. I’m not too excited about anything. I just want to sit here in my living room and be cozy.

I’m over these freaking crutches. My shoulders are in pain from overdoing on Sunday. I just can’t face crutching around! Ugh!

I’ve started the Whole30. Booze was the issue first go around, I just couldn’t loose the booze. I did a few days on this elimination diet, but kept drinking. That’s a red flag if there ever was one. So now that I’m booze free, I thought it’s time to start the Whole30. It’s part of my wellness coaching journey and it’s to encourage my daughter who has Hoshimoto’s and is struggling with many awful symptoms-to give it a try. It can help by eliminating foods that are known to cause inflammation so a person can feel better, and eventually identify foods that cause issue in the body.

I felt so empowered by not drinking that I added this layer on top. Am I crazy? We’ll see.

Today’s strategy

I have pride in my self control from not drinking. When drinking I would feel like such a loser!

  • Get through the day despite my lack of motivation
  • Make my chicken, broccoli and potato dinner
  • More Game of Thrones
  • Bed

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