Good morning sunshine!

Yep, I’m feeling wide eyed and bushy tailed.

Everything seems so much better! Now I’m not quite a week yet without booze but so far, so good.

I did dream again of drinking a margarita “on accident” and ruining my alcohol free streak, so clearly I have fear. Which is good, it should keep me on task and away from drinking.

I’ve lost a couple pounds already and that feels fantastic.

Each morning I still watch an alcohol free video or two. All have communicated a better life from not drinking! So the proof is in the pudding I believe. (Guess it’s my day for corny sayings)

Each morning I also have a strategy. It doesn’t always play out as set, but it’s a plan and that seems to keep me on track.

Today’s strategy ( it is really the evening’s plan since that’s when I want to drink)

  • Get dog from Camp
  • Go to club (my gym has a bar!) for social time and have soda/tonic and dinner (this is a biggy because it’s a usual drinking place with drinking buddies)
  • Home, Telly, bed

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