Feeling liberated!

I’ve read many other alcohol free blogs and watched alcohol free You Tube videos. It’s so fantastic to have this content at my fingertips to inspire and motivate me!

I don’t know why but I was compelled to blog about my journey. Maybe just to get it out in the open and be able to connect to others that could relate.

In any case, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just doing it and at the same time staying alcohol free.

It’s not quite a week yet. I haven’t had any cravings for alcohol. I’ve dreamt about accidentally drinking and ruining my alcohol free state, that’s seems like an obvious subconscious fear manifesting.

I can say that I feel really good, proud of myself, more alive.

I am concerned about how to be alcohol free when almost everything I do is around alcohol. Get together with friends are almost always at a brewery. Upcoming Patio time is also always at a brewery or bar setting. Summer festivals spent drinking….you guessed it Beer! And plenty of it.

I truly enjoy the atmosphere at breweries and festivals -so now I will devise a plan for me to enjoy it with my glass of water, lemonade, soda and tonic, or maybe a kombucha at those breweries that brew there own.

A picture of a heart shaped cactus on a hike. I love this, I feel like I am the cactus-A protected heart. Part of why I’ve hidden behind booze.

Last night I went to girls night and didn’t find confidence and alcohol. I was just myself with a few uncomfortable moments where I felt inadequate but mostly I was myself and enjoyed the company of my girlfriends.

Today’s strategy



Game of thrones binging (remember I’m on crutches and can’t do much)

Research diet for autoimmune disease for my daughter who has Hashimoto’s

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