Day one, no alcohol.

Instead of rallying to go out, I took a nap. It was wonderful!

We had a relaxing night re-watching Game of Thrones and having pizza with the kids.

I’ve gone 3 months without drinking before, it was awesome. I felt great. I dealt with my feelings, I recognized anxieties and restlessness and would take runs instead of drinking. I lost weight, was in shape. But the pressure to be normal, to join in with everyone else took hold. I started slow, drank very little, not often. It wasn’t long before I was back to my abuse of alcohol. And now I drink even more I think. 4 drinks a day, most days. Beer or wine. That’s just sad. I see it, but afternoon comes and I “forget ” that I’m not drinking. “I don’t have a problem, the drinks will feel so good, I’m not hurting anyone or doing anything stupid.” Oh but I do have a problem, and the drinks do feel good, but I am hurting myself physically and emotionally. So I need to find something else that makes me feel good without the harm it does to my body and my mental wellbeing. I struggle with depression and I know boozing feeds it and makes it worse.

Today’s strategy…..avoidance. Keep busy, no going out.

Maybe take another afternoon nap. (I’m on crutches after a hip labrum and micro fracture repair- so not as active as I’d like to be)

Make a nice dinner- we are trying Hello Fresh so help with meals, cooking on crutches is easy)

Probably more Games of Thrones- final season approaches

#stopdrinking #alcoholfree #soberliving

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