Baby steps

That’s my favorite memory of “What About Bob”. Bill Murray plays Bob, a patient with phobias. Richard Dreyfuss is Dr Leo Marvin, is renowned psychiatrist. Anyhow Dr Marvin has written a book “Baby Steps”, which has readers taking tiny baby steps toward change. Bob takes the book to heart and is always repeating “baby steps to…” whatever the obstacle. It’s very awkward and very mindful. That’s what I aim to be.

Baby steps to….. getting on the elliptical and stretching today. I am hurting today. In my normal fashion I decided to start running again because it makes me feel good- which is great in the moment but now my back and hip is killing me. Did I mention I’m having hip surgery for a torn labrum caused by running? Oh and by running I mean maybe 3 miles a couple times a week and I don’t run the entire time. So my choice to fulfill a need to feel good, although seemingly healthy is the wrong choice for me. That’s the point of my awkward mindfulness, to deliberately choose actions with long term benefits. Not feel good now, pay for it later- which is my norm.

Ok, so my goal today is to get on the elliptical for 20 minutes and have a good stretch after. Baby steps. That’s it. That’s my one goal toward change today. Baby step to the elliptical, baby steps to the elliptical, baby step to the elliptical……..

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